There are many issues that affect our everyday lives that I believe county government can help with. As Mayor of Maui County, my priorities will be to:


To keep moving towards economic recovery we must focus on increasing job opportunities and supporting economic development efforts.

We will be able to create jobs for our workforce by developing renewable and alternative energy projects; building much needed affordable housing and updating important infrastructure facilities. All win-win opportunities that provide employment while meeting critical public needs.

I support legislation like the Economic Development Revolving Fund which was created to foster economic development and improve overall economic conditions.

By promoting economic diversity through attracting new businesses and industries, we are better able to face potential future downturns in the economy. Our children will have more career opportunities – giving them a choice to remain here rather than moving away to work.

Supporting small businesses play an important role in our local economy’s health. Not only do small businesses help to maintain the character of our small towns, they also collectively employ a large amount of our workforce.


Our limited resources need protection. Planning carefully, preserving our natural resources and understanding that new sources of water combined with aggressive conservation are all necessary.

The Maui Island Plan and Community Plans are integral to our County’s future. Directing growth where appropriate while embracing environmental protection where needed is a balanced approach that responsibly supports our future.

As our population and need for water continues to grow, so too must our efforts to conserve usage and find new sources – a challenge that would require the Council and Administration, together with the public, to work on collaboratively in order to move forward.


I care deeply about our community and believe that meeting the basic needs of our communities is crucial. These needs include effective social service programs and ensuring the safety of our public.

By working together with community providers, public safety services, and partnering state agencies, we are able to combine our resources to support the well-being of our families, friends, and neighbors.

I am an advocate for social services and public safety. Through years of involvement in the community and my experience as a deputy prosecutor, I saw firsthand the tremendous impact a community makes when it stands together against violence and drug abuse. Funding to support social services and law enforcement, including key prevention programs like D.A.R.E. in our schools, will go a long way to protecting the wellbeing of our community and our youth.

Efforts to establish a hospital in West Maui and maintaining essential air ambulance service for Maui County will also have my support.


Bettering our economy, taking care of our community and looking out for our natural resources require a financial commitment and good oversight.

Residents and businesses are experiencing hardship and keeping real property taxes as low as possible while preserving the programs that help our community is important. Additionally, the main causes of tax appeals should be analyzed, so adjustments can be made to reduce the volume of revenue annually tied up in appeals.

I’m committed to seeking a fair tax rate for agricultural lots and the development of a uniform standard for the definition of Agricultural Use is necessary.

There is a magnitude of budgetary issues that come before the County Council. What the County does with money that comes from our taxpayers is an important duty. I’m committed to meeting that responsibility.


Thank you for your support. Every donation to the campaign will really make a difference.

Mahalo, Don